A frontal forelock/central density framework for hair transplantation.

  • Michael L Beehner
  • Published 1997 in
    Dermatologic surgery : official publication for…


BACKGROUND Because many men seeking hair transplantation possess insufficient donor hair, conservative strategies that create a "less-than-complete" head of hair are necessary. OBJECTIVE This paper defines the "frontal forelock concept" and highlights its advantages. Also, the benefits from utilizing the "central density concept" in all hair transplant procedures are explained. METHODS The author's 3-year experience with the frontal forelock in 65 men serves as the backdrop for the comments in this article. During the same period, the "central density concept" has been used in virtually all transplant procedures. RESULTS Patient satisfaction with the forelock approach in the appropriate candidates has been excellent. Using the "central density concept" has achieved very satifactory visual density. CONCLUSION In men with present extensive baldness and in young men with the possibility of advancing to the same state, the frontal forelock concept utilizing "central density" is proposed as the ideal model for hair transplantation.

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