A fossil trigonotarbid arachnid with a ricinuleid-like pedipalpal claw

  title={A fossil trigonotarbid arachnid with a ricinuleid-like pedipalpal claw},
  author={Jason A Dunlop and Carsten Kamenz and Giovanni Talarico},
A fossil trigonotarbid (Arachnida: Trigonotarbida) assigned to Palaeocharinus sp. from the Early Devonian (c. 410 Ma) Rhynie cherts of Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK is described, specifically for a previously unrecognised feature of the distal end of the pedipalp. This exhibits a small chela formed from a movable, unpaired apotele articulating against a slightly shorter, fixed projection from the inferior surface of the tarsus. Among other arachnids, this morphology has only previously been… CONTINUE READING


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