A formulation of the simple theory of types

  title={A formulation of the simple theory of types},
  author={Alonzo Church},
  journal={Journal of Symbolic Logic},
  pages={56 - 68}
  • A. Church
  • Published 1 June 1940
  • Mathematics
  • Journal of Symbolic Logic
The purpose of the present paper is to give a formulation of the simple theory of types which incorporates certain features of the calculus of λ-conversion. A complete incorporation of the calculus of λ-conversion into the theory of types is impossible if we require that λx and juxtaposition shall retain their respective meanings as an abstraction operator and as denoting the application of function to argument. But the present partial incorporation has certain advantages from the point of view… 

Foundations of Mathematics : A Discussion of Sets and Types

The aim of this thesis is to provide an introductory discussion of the two most common modern foundations of mathematics: axiomatic set theory and dependent type theory. To provide a basis, we begin

Deriving Category Theory from Type Theory

  • R. Crole
  • Mathematics
    Theory and Formal Methods
  • 1993
This work expounds the notion that (structured) categories are syntax free presentations of type theories, and shows some of the ideas involved in deriving categorical semantics for given types, and gives a direct derivation of a cartesian closed category as a very general model of simply typed λ-calculus with binary products and a unit type.

Revisiting the notion of function

Types, Theory of

At the beginning of this century Russell found an unexpected contradiction which became the first of a series of antinomies (q.v.) affecting Frege’s programme of reducing mathematics to logic.

From proof theory to theories theory

When constructing a proof, we use rules that are specific to the objects the proof speaks about and others that are ontologically neutral. We call the rules of the first kind theoretical rules and

Chapter 9 – Types

The Lambda-calculus: Connections to Higher Type Recursion Theory, Proof-theory, Category Theory 1

Introduction Church proposed his calculus of λ-conversion as "A set of postulates for the Foundation of Logic" (Church[1932-3]). Church's ideas and program were part of the leading Hilbert's school,

Stratified systems of logic

  • M. Newman
  • Philosophy
    Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society
  • 1943
The suffixes used in logic to indicate differences of type may be regarded either as belonging to the formalism itself, or as being part of the machinery for deciding which rows of symbols (without

Applications of Type Theory

The framework combines fundamental concepts found in the setting of type theory and supports both its denotational and its constructive view, and proposes a uniform framework for disciplines of declarations and types.

A formal theorem in Church's theory of types

A formal proof of Y α is now given for all types α containing ι, but the proof uses, in addition to Axioms 1 to 7 and Y ι , also Axiom 9 (in connection with Def. 4), and Axiom 10 (in Theorem 9).



Grundlagen der Mathematik

Der vorliegende Band schliesst die Darstellung der Beweistheorie ab, die ich vor einigen Jahren zusammen mit P. BERNAYS begann. Auf meinen Wunsch hat P. BERNAYS wieder die Abfassung des Textes uber

Grundzüge der theoretischen Logik

Die theoretische Logik, auch mathematische oder symbolische Logik genannt, ist eine Ausdehnung der fonnalen Methode der Mathematik auf das Gebiet der Logik. Sie wendet fUr die Logik eine ahnliche

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    In certain cases a formula f"'«' may be obtained which does not involve descriptions. In particular, for addition and multiplication of non-negative integers we may use the definitions due to

    • J. B. Rosser: !<

    Sa'a'0a' = x tt > |-S"'a-(x a "S a 'a-0 a ') = S a 'a'X a -. Hence by conversion, x a ''<Sa'a'0 a '=z"' |-S a -. a ,.Xa"S a 'a'0a' = Sa'a'X a >. Also, by 23°', N 0 a"Xa" h N, a "{S a

    • =0a'. Hence using 22" and pZ3.qZ)pq and 13"' , we have |-(3x