A follow-up study of perinatally hypoxic rabbits.

  title={A follow-up study of perinatally hypoxic rabbits.},
  author={John R. Schoenfelder and Helmut Tegetmeyer and Katrin Woldag and H Woldag},
  journal={Biomedica biochimica acta},
  volume={48 2-3},
Rabbits, surviving a severe 3-hours-lasting hypoxia (FiO2 = 0.05) during the 1st day of life, grew up together with their littermates. In animals aged 10 and 20 days, respectively, the vestibular induced tonic eye deviations were investigated during tilting around the three orthogonal body axes. The spontaneous head-body-motor coordination was analysed by means of a search coil technique in 14 days old rabbits. Perinatally hypoxic rabbits exhibit a compensation of initially reduced torsional… CONTINUE READING