A fluorescence resonance energy transfer activation sensor for Arf6.

  title={A fluorescence resonance energy transfer activation sensor for Arf6.},
  author={Brian Hall and Mark A. McLean and Kathryn W. Davis and James E. Casanova and Steven G Sligar and Martin A Schwartz},
  journal={Analytical biochemistry},
  volume={374 2},
The involvement of the small GTPase Arf6 in Rac activation, cell migration, and cancer invasiveness suggests that it is activated in a spatially and temporally regulated manner. Small GTPase activation has been imaged in cells using probes in which the GTPase and a fragment of a downstream effector protein are fused to fluorescent reporter proteins that constitute a fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) donor/acceptor pair. Unlike other Ras family GTPases, the N terminus of Arf6 is… CONTINUE READING


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