A flow graph-based test model for OWL-S web services

  title={A flow graph-based test model for OWL-S web services},
  author={Chien-Hung Liu and Shu-Ling Chen and Jong Yih Kuo and Teng-Yi Huang},
  journal={2011 International Conference on Machine Learning and Cybernetics},
OWL-S is a standard for specifying the ontology of web services. It enables web services to be discovered, invoked, and composed automatically. However, OWSL-S web service is difficult to analyze and test as XML-based OWL-S description is hard to understand. In addition, OWL-S introduces various control constructs to compose multiple services and allows describing the preconditions and expected effects of the services, which further complicates the analysis and testing of web services. This… CONTINUE READING


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