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A flexible design platform for Si/SiGe exchange-only qubits with low disorder

  title={A flexible design platform for Si/SiGe exchange-only qubits with low disorder},
  author={Wonill Ha and Sieu D. Ha and Maxwell D. Choi and Yan Tang and Adele E. Schmitz and Mark P. Levendorf and Kangmu Lee and James M. Chappell and Tower S. Adams and Daniel R. Hulbert and Edwin Acuna and Ramsey S. Noah and Justine W. Matten and Michael P. Jura and Jeffrey A. Wright and Matthew T. Rakher and Matthew G. Borselli},
Spin-based silicon quantum dots are an attractive qubit technology for quantum information processing with respect to coherence time, control, and engineering. Here we present an exchangeonly Si qubit device platform that combines the throughput of CMOS-like wafer processing with the versatility of direct-write lithography. The technology, which we coin “SLEDGE,” features dot-shaped gates that are patterned simultaneously on one topographical plane and subsequently connected by vias to… Expand

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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA
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