A five-coordinate metal center in Co(II)-substituted VanX.

  title={A five-coordinate metal center in Co(II)-substituted VanX.},
  author={Robert M. Breece and Alison L. Costello and Brian Bennett and Tara K. Sigdel and Megan L Matthews and David L Tierney and Michael W Crowder},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={280 12},
In an effort to structurally probe the metal binding site in VanX, electronic absorption, EPR, and extended x-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS) spectroscopic studies were conducted on Co(II)-substituted VanX. Electronic spectroscopy revealed the presence of Co(II) ligand field transitions that had molar absorptivities of approximately 100 m(-1) cm(-1), which suggests that Co(II) is five-coordinate in Co(II)-substituted VanX. Low temperature EPR spectra of Co(II)-substituted VanX were… CONTINUE READING
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EXAFS fitting results for Zn(II)- and Co(II)-MBP-VanX Fits shown are to Fourier-filtered data; fits to unfiltered data gave similar results. Sample N Ras as 2b Eo c R Å Zn(II)-MBP-VanX 5 N/O

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A Five-coordinate Metal Center in Co(II)-substituted VanX

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