A fine physical map of the rice chromosome 4.

  title={A fine physical map of the rice chromosome 4.},
  author={Qiang Zhao and Yu Guang Zhang and Zhukuan Cheng and Mingsheng Chen and Shengyue Wang and Qi Feng and Yucheng Huang and Ying Li and Yesheng Tang and Bo Zhou and Zhehua Chen and Shuliang Yu and Jingjie Zhu and Xin Hu and Jie Mu and Kai Ying and Pei Hao and Lei S. Zhang and Yiqi Lu and Yilei Liu and Zhen Yu and Danlin Fan and Qijun Weng and Ling Chen and Tingting T Lu and Xiaohui Liu and Peixin Jia and Tongguo Sun and Yongrui Wu and Yujun Zhang and Ying Lu and Can Li and Rong Wang and Haiyan Lei and Tao Li and Hao Hu and Mei Wu and Runquan Zhang and Jianping Guan and Jia Zhu and Gang Fu and Minghong Gu and Guofan Hong and Yongbiao Xue and Rod A. Wing and Jiming Jiang and Bin Han},
  journal={Genome research},
  volume={12 5},
As part of an international effort to completely sequence the rice genome, we have produced a fine bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC)-based physical map of the Oryza sativa japonica Nipponbare chromosome 4 through an integration of 114 sequenced BAC clones from a taxonomically related subspecies O. sativa indica Guangluai 4 and 182 RFLP and 407 expressed sequence tag (EST) markers with the fingerprinted data of the Nipponbare genome. The map consists of 11 contigs with a total length of 34.5… CONTINUE READING
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