A field guide to eukaryotic circular single-stranded DNA viruses: insights gained from metagenomics

  title={A field guide to eukaryotic circular single-stranded DNA viruses: insights gained from metagenomics},
  author={K. Rosario and S. Duffy and M. Breitbart},
  journal={Archives of Virology},
  • K. Rosario, S. Duffy, M. Breitbart
  • Published 2012
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Archives of Virology
  • Despite their small size and limited protein-coding capacity, the rapid evolution rates of single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) viruses have led to their emergence as serious plant and animal pathogens. Recently, metagenomics has revealed an unprecedented diversity of ssDNA viruses, expanding their known environmental distributions and host ranges. This review summarizes and contrasts the basic characteristics of known circular ssDNA viral groups, providing a resource for analyzing the wealth of ssDNA… CONTINUE READING

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