A feminist critical discourse analysis of sexual harassment in the Japanese political and media worlds

  title={A feminist critical discourse analysis of sexual harassment in the Japanese political and media worlds},
  author={Emma Dalton},
  journal={Women's Studies International Forum},
  • E. Dalton
  • Published 1 November 2019
  • Sociology
  • Women's Studies International Forum

The Extent of Violence Against and Harassment of Women in Politics

  • E. Dalton
  • Sociology, Political Science
    Sexual Harassment in Japanese Politics
  • 2021
This chapter begins to examine how sexual harassment manifests in the Japanese political world. We hear the voices of council members who discuss sexual harassment, their opinions on the problem and

A Critical Discourse Analysis of Sexual Harassment Against Women in Online Mass Media

This study used Fairclough's critical discourse analysis theory to analyse the news articles published in Magdalene ??and Femina magazines in 2020. The authors particularly emphasised finding one of

The Language of Violence against Women: Male Voice Domination in the Public and Private Domains

Violence against women (VAW) has been a long-debated issue for many things, including the authoritative male voice that often reduces (if not diminishes) women’s voice in public and private domains.

Analysing local newspaper coverage of murders involving street sex workers

ABSTRACT Based on victim hierarchies, news media framing of murdered sex workers is especially pejorative, often shaped by notions of deviant feminine sexuality and sex workers’ social and legal

“You’re not my nanny!” Responses to racialized women leaders during COVID-19

In the early days of the pandemic, public health officials and politicians across the globe relied on Twitter to rapidly communicate COVID-19 information. Although the majority of these authority

Women as helpmates: the Japan Self-Defense Forces and gender

  • E. Dalton
  • Sociology
    Critical Military Studies
  • 2019
ABSTRACT As the Japan Self-Defense Forces becomes ‘closer’ to everyday people, discourses surrounding military masculinities and femininities shift. This paper takes a ‘curious feminist’ approach to

Critical discourse analysis on gender relations: women's images in Sasak song

Sasak song as one form of artistic discourse is used as an instrument of male domination of women in gender relations through various forms of imaging that do not benefit women. The image is

Análisis crítico del discurso: narrativas sobre violencia de género en un estudiante universitario de una institución de educación superior del sur de Bogotá (Colombia)

The present study examines gender violence in the speech by a higher education student from southern Bogotá (Colombia). The study methodology includes a critical analysis of speech and content to

Abenomics’ Effect on Gender Inequality in Japanese Society and the Workplace

In this study, I determine the extent to which Japan’s shrinking workforce population has been affected by gender roles. Many Asian countries are experiencing a prominent decline in birth rate and

Association between autistic traits and binge drinking: Findings from Japan

Increased efforts to detect alcohol use/misuse in adults with AT and AT in adults misusing alcohol may be efficacious in efforts to manage symptoms and eliminate harmful alcohol misuse.



Westminster Too: On Sexual Harassment in British Politics

At the end of 2017, millions of women used the #MeToo hashtag to draw attention to widespread sexual harassment and assault around the world. In British politics, female politicians, staff members,

Sexual Harassment of Women Politicians in Japan

In 2016 in Japan, three women were appointed to politically powerful and historically significant positions. Koike Yuriko became the first female governor of Tokyo, Renho Murata became the leader of

Politicizing Gender in Discourse: Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis as Political Perspective and Praxis

A critical perspective on unequal social arrangements sustained through language use, with the goals of social transformation and emancipation, constitutes the cornerstone of critical discourse

Misogyny and misrepresentation

Australia’s first woman Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, was sworn into office in 2010. In 2012 she was driven to make a powerful speech on misogyny, which reverberated around the world. This research

Violence Against Women in Politics

  • M. L. Krook
  • Political Science
    How Gender Can Transform the Social Sciences
  • 2020
Reports of physical attacks, intimidation, and harassment aimed at female politicians, activists, and voters have grown as women have become more politically engaged around the world. Often dismissed

Women and Politics in Contemporary Japan

This book looks at the gendering of the political system in Japan and the effects of that system on gender equality in national-level politics specifically and wider society more generally. It

Canada's Member-to-Member Code of Conduct on Sexual Harassment in the House of Commons: Progress or Regress?

Abstract In 2015, the Canadian House of Commons passed a new code of conduct governing non-criminal sexual harassment between members of Parliament becoming the first of its kind in any Westminster

Womenomics, 'Equality' and Abe's Neo-liberal strategy to make Japanese women shine

By international measurements, Japan fares poorly on gender equality. With the second largest gender pay gap and the worst record for women’s political representation among OECD countries, Japanese

The case of the hidden harassment.

This HBR case study is less concerned with defining sexual harassment than with examining what a manager should do about it, after finding one of his employees was being sexually harassed on the job.

Workplace Sexual Harassment in Japan: A Review of Combating Measures Taken

For decades, Japanese society accepted sexual harassment as part of a normal workplace environment. This article argues that unless the social beliefs of gender stereotypes and discrimination can be