A fatal case of intoxication from a single use of eutylone: Clinical symptoms and quantitative analysis results.

  title={A fatal case of intoxication from a single use of eutylone: Clinical symptoms and quantitative analysis results.},
  author={Mami Nakamura and Marin Takaso and Arisa Takeda and Masahito Hitosugi},
  journal={Legal medicine},

A review of synthetic cathinones emerging in recent years (2019–2022)

Most of the newly developed synthetic cathinones can be seen as analogs and replacements for once-popular compounds that have been declining in popularity as a result of legislative efforts.



Analytically confirmed eutylone (bk-EBDB) exposure in emergency department patients

The clinical presentations of 11 patients who presented to the emergency department (ED) involving eutylone use in Taiwan and the compounds detected in the bio-samples are described are summarized in Table 1.

Eutylone Intoxications-An Emerging Synthetic Stimulant in Forensic Investigations.

Eutylone was identified in cases submitted from 13 states, demonstrating proliferation around the United States; Florida accounted for 60% of the positive cases and this report includes cause and manner of death data for 22 postmortem cases.

Synthetic cathinones ("bath salts").

Key Concepts in Postmortem Drug Redistribution

Medical toxicologists participating in forensic cases involving drugs likely to undergo PMR must be aware of its potential contribution to the postmortem drug concentration, and correlation with laboratory data and any available antemortem or perimortem clinical information is necessary.

The Detection of Novel Stimulants in Oral Fluid from Users Reporting Ecstasy, Molly and MDMA Ingestion.

The results from this study indicate that there are inconsistencies between admission to drug use and toxicological findings in this population of users of Ecstasy, Molly and/or MDMA/MDA.

Novel psychoactive substances of interest for psychiatry

Novel psychoactive substances include synthetic cannabinoids, cathinone derivatives, psychedelic phenethylamines, novel stimulants, synthetic opioids, tryptamine derivatives, phencyclidine‐like

Aripiprazole Once-Monthly 400 mg: Comparison of Pharmacokinetics, Tolerability, and Safety of Deltoid Versus Gluteal Administration

The deltoid muscle is a safe alternative injection site for aripiprazole once-monthly 400 mg in patients with schizophrenia according to observed data, which is comparable with those of oral aripIPrazole 15 to 20 mg/d.

Postmortem femoral blood reference concentrations of aripiprazole, chlorprothixene, and quetiapine.

Postmortem femoral blood concentrations of the antipsychotic drugs aripiprazole, chlorprothixene and its metabolite, and quetiapine were determined by LC-MS-MS suggesting no or only limited postmortem redistribution for these antipsychotics in these cases.