A fast transform for spherical harmonics

  title={A fast transform for spherical harmonics},
  author={Martin J. Mohlenkamp},
  journal={Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications},
  • Martin J. Mohlenkamp
  • Published 1997
  • Mathematics
  • Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications
  • AbstractSpherical harmonics arise on the sphere S2 in the same way that the (Fourier) exponential functions {eikθ}k∈ℤ arise on the circle. Spherical harmonic series have many of the same wonderful properties as Fourier series, but have lacked one important thing: a numerically stable fast transform analogous to the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT). Without a fast transform, evaluating (or expanding in) spherical harmonic series on the computer is slow—for large computations probibitively slow. This… CONTINUE READING
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