A fast non-invasive beam check for mammography x-ray units.


A prototype instrument is presented for the indirect evaluation of the main physical parameters characterizing a mammographic x-ray beam. The instrument consists of an x-ray probe with four filtered solid-state detectors connected to a signal-conditioning electronic circuitry and a high-speed digitizer interfaced to a portable personal computer. The system, governed by an ad hoc developed software, can measure kVp, kV waveform, ripple, HVL, exposure time and exposure in a single shot of the x-ray beam with good accuracy. The system should prove very useful to any quality-control programme for mammography.

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@article{Gambaccini1994AFN, title={A fast non-invasive beam check for mammography x-ray units.}, author={M. Gambaccini and Mike Marziani and O Rimondi}, journal={Physics in medicine and biology}, year={1994}, volume={39 9}, pages={1423-35} }