A fast non‐negativity‐constrained least squares algorithm

  title={A fast non‐negativity‐constrained least squares algorithm},
  author={R. Bro and S. de Jong},
  journal={Journal of Chemometrics},
In this paper a modification of the standard algorithm for non‐negativity‐constrained linear least squares regression is proposed. The algorithm is specifically designed for use in multiway decomposition methods such as PARAFAC and N‐mode principal component analysis. In those methods the typical situation is that there is a high ratio between the numbers of objects and variables in the regression problems solved. Furthermore, very similar regression problems are solved many times during the… Expand
Fast algorithm for the solution of large‐scale non‐negativity‐constrained least squares problems
Algorithms for multivariate image analysis and other large‐scale applications of multivariate curve resolution (MCR) typically employ constrained alternating least squares (ALS) procedures in theirExpand
A non-monotonic method for large-scale non-negative least squares
A new algorithm for solving the non-negative least-squares (NNLS) problem, which extends the unconstrained quadratic optimization algorithm of Barzilai and Borwein (BB) to handle nonnegativity constraints and is further refined by a stepsize scaling strategy. Expand
Distance algorithm based procedure for non‐negative least squares
Based on some simulated investigation, DA_NNLS was the fastest for small‐sized and medium‐sized linear regression tasks and the visualization of the NNLS task being solved by the new algorithm is discussed. Expand
Reweighted nonnegative least-mean-square algorithm
This paper proposed a variant of NN-LMS algorithm with balanced weight convergence rates, providing a theoretical analysis of its behavior in terms of transient learning curve, steady-state and tracking performance and an extension of the algorithm for online sparse system identification. Expand
TNT-NN: A Fast Active Set Method for Solving Large Non-Negative Least Squares Problems
TNT-NN is a new active set method for solving non-negative least squares (NNLS) problems that uses a different strategy not only for the construction of the active set but also for the solution of the unconstrained least squares sub-problem, resulting in dramatically improved performance over traditional active set NNLS solvers. Expand
Anti-lopsided Algorithm for Large-scale Non-negative Least Squares
Non-negative least squares (NNLS) is one of the most fundamental problems in numeric analysis. It has been widely used in scientific computation and data modeling. When applying to huge and complexExpand
Non-stationary analysis of the convergence of the Non-Negative Least-Mean-Square algorithm
An LMS-type algorithm for system identification subject to non-negativity constraints, called Non-Negative Least-Mean-Square algorithm, and its normalized variant is considered and Simulation results are presented to illustrate the performance of the algorithm and the accuracy of the derived models. Expand
A New Projected Quasi-Newton Approach for the Nonnegative Least Squares Problem
Constrained least squares estimation lies at the heart of many applications in fields as diverse as statistics, psychometrics, signal processing, or even machine learning. Nonnegativity requirementsExpand
Optimal scaling by alternating length-constrained nonnegative least squares, with application to distance-based analysis
An important feature of distance-based principal components analysis, is that the variables can be optimally transformed. For monotone spline transformation, a nonnegative least-squares problem withExpand
A Jump-Start of Non-negative Least Squares Solvers
Experimental results indicate that the proposed initialization provides a good jump-start for the active set method leading to a reduction of the number of iterations of active set methods. Expand


Solving least squares problems
Since the lm function provides a lot of features it is rather complicated. So we are going to instead use the function lsfit as a model. It computes only the coefficient estimates and the residuals.Expand
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This ebook Practical Optimization by Philip E. Gill is presented in pdf format and the full version of this ebook in DjVu, ePub, doc, txt, PDF forms is presented. Expand
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Health and Food is a chapter in applied science: Barking, Essex, 1972, where the author examines the role of food additives in the development of disease and their effects on human health. Expand
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