A family of non-cocycle conjugate E_0-semigroups obtained from boundary weight doubles

  title={A family of non-cocycle conjugate E\_0-semigroups obtained from boundary weight doubles},
  author={Christopher Jankowski},
  journal={arXiv: Operator Algebras},
We have seen that if \phi: M_n(\C) \rightarrow M_n(\C) is a unital q-positive map and \nu is a type II Powers weight, then the boundary weight double (\phi, \nu) induces a unique (up to conjugacy) type II_0 E_0-semigroup. Let \phi: M_n(\C) \rightarrow M_n(\C) and \psi: M_{n'}(\C) \rightarrow M_{n'}(\C) be unital rank one q-positive maps, so for some states \rho \in M_n(\C)^* and \rho' \in M_{n'}(\C)^*, we have \phi(A)=\rho(A)I_n and \psi(D) = \rho'(D)I_{n'} for all A \in M_n(\C) and D \in M_{n… 
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