A family of face products of matrices and its properties

  title={A family of face products of matrices and its properties},
  author={V. I. Slyusar},
  journal={Cybernetics and Systems Analysis},
  • V. Slyusar
  • Published 1 May 1999
  • Mathematics
  • Cybernetics and Systems Analysis
Controlling the Complexity and Lipschitz Constant improves polynomial nets
New complexity bounds are derived for the set of CoupledCP-Decomposition and Nested Coupled CP-decomposition models of Polynomial Nets in terms of the `∞-operator-norm and the `2operator norm' to establish a theoretical certificate for their robustness.
The Concept of Networked Distributed Engine Control System of Future Air Vehicles
To collect Big Data from sensors and the pre-processing of this data before a machine learning (ML) procedure it is proposed to form data sets with the help of the face-splitting matrix product and the implementation of advanced tensor-matrix theory on the basis of penetrating face product of matrices.
Dynamic Tomography Reconstruction by Projection-Domain Separable Modeling
—In dynamic tomography the object undergoes changes while projections are being acquired sequentially in time. The resulting inconsistent set of projections cannot be used directly to reconstruct an
Improvement of the model of object recognition in aero photographs using deep convolutional neural networks
An increase in recognition accuracy from 7 % to 9 % was obtained which has indicated that the choice of neural network architecture and training parameters was correct and makes it possible to automate the process of object recognition in aerial photographs.
Multidimensional Adaptive Penalised Splines with Application to Neurons' Activity Studies
This work presents a novel locally adaptive P-spline model in two and three dimensions based on the recently proposed SOP (Separation of Overlapping Precision matrices) method, which provides the speed the authors look for.
A dual-polarization channels models of digital antenna arrays
This report deals with a compact matrix record of the reception channels responses for the multicoordinate digital beamforming systems with dual-polarization channels of antenna arrays.