A família Rubiaceae na Reserva Biológica Guaribas, Paraíba, Brasil: subfamílias Antirheoideae, Cinchonoideae e Ixoroideae

  title={A fam{\'i}lia Rubiaceae na Reserva Biol{\'o}gica Guaribas, Para{\'i}ba, Brasil: subfam{\'i}lias Antirheoideae, Cinchonoideae e Ixoroideae},
  author={Maria do Socorro Pereira and Maria Regina de Vasconcellos Barbosa},
  journal={Acta Botanica Brasilica},
This paper is a survey of Rubiaceae subfamilies Antirheoideae, Cinchonoideae and Ixoroideae in the Guaribas Biological Reserve, Paraiba, Brazil. Intensive collections were made from October/2000 to October/2001. Twelve species, 10 genera and five tribes were recognized. The most diverse subfamily was Antirheoideae, with five species, four genera and two tribes. The genera with the most species were Guettarda L. (2) and Tocoyena Aubl. (2). Alibertia A. Rich. ex DC., Alseis Schott, Chiococca P… Expand

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