A facile method for high-throughput co-expression of protein pairs.

  title={A facile method for high-throughput co-expression of protein pairs.},
  author={A V Alexandrov and Marissa Vignali and Douglas J Lacount and Erin Quartley and Christina de Vries and Daniela De Rosa and Julie Babulski and Sarah F. Mitchell and Lori W. Schoenfeld and Stanley Fields and Wim G. J. Hol and Mark E Dumont and Eric M Phizicky and Elizabeth J. Grayhack},
  journal={Molecular & cellular proteomics : MCP},
  volume={3 9},
We developed a method to co-express protein pairs from collections of otherwise identical Escherichia coli plasmids expressing different ORFs by incorporating a 61-nucleotide sequence (LINK) into the plasmid to allow generation of tandem plasmids. Tandem plasmids are formed in a ligation-independent manner, propagate efficiently, and produce protein pairs in high quantities. This greatly facilitates co-expression for structural genomics projects that produce thousands of clones bearing… CONTINUE READING