A europium-151 Mössbauer spectral study of Eu(14)MnP(11), Eu(14)MnAs(11), and Eu(14)MnSb(11).

  title={A europium-151 M{\"o}ssbauer spectral study of Eu(14)MnP(11), Eu(14)MnAs(11), and Eu(14)MnSb(11).},
  author={Rapha{\"e}l P. Hermann and Fernande Grandjean and Susan M Kauzlarich and Jiong Jiang and Shawna R. Brown and Gary J Long},
  journal={Inorganic chemistry},
  volume={43 22},
The europium-151 Mossbauer spectra of the Eu(14)MnP(11), Eu(14)MnAs(11), and Eu(14)MnSb(11) Zintl compounds, measured between 4.2 and 100 K, reveal europium(II) for all four crystallographically inequivalent europium sites in Eu(14)MnAs(11) and Eu(14)MnSb(11) and europium(II) and europium(III) for the three 32g and the 16f europium sites in Eu(14)MnP(11), respectively. Below the ordering temperatures of 52, 74, and 92 K, only very small hyperfine fields of 2-4 T are observed at the europium… CONTINUE READING

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