A dynamical inconsistency of Horava gravity

  title={A dynamical inconsistency of Horava gravity},
  author={Marc Henneaux and Axel Kleinschmidt and Gustavo Lucena G'omez},
  journal={Physical Review D},
The dynamical consistency of the nonprojectable version of Ho\ifmmode \check{r}\else \v{r}\fi{}ava gravity is investigated by focusing on the asymptotically flat case. It is argued that for generic solutions of the constraint equations the lapse must vanish asymptotically. We then consider particular values of the coupling constants for which the equations are tractable and in that case we prove that the lapse must vanish everywhere\char22{}and not only at infinity. Put differently, the… 

Lower-dimensional Horava-Lifshitz gravity

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We consider the Hamiltonian formulation of Horava gravity in arbitrary dimensions, which has been proposed as a renormalizable gravity model for quantum gravity without the ghost problem. We study

Modified first-order Horava-Lifshitz gravity: Hamiltonian analysis of the general theory and accelerating FRW cosmology in power-law F(R) model

We propose the most general modified first-order Ho\ifmmode \check{r}\else \v{r}\fi{}ava-Lifshitz gravity, whose action does not contain time derivatives higher than the second order. The Hamiltonian

Universal horizons and Hawking radiation in nonprojectable 2d Hořava gravity coupled to a nonrelativistic scalar field

In this paper, we study the non-projectable 2d Ho\v{r}ava gravity coupled with a non-relativistic scalar field, where the coupling is in general non-minimal and of the form $f(\phi)R$, where

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We consider the so-called “healthy” extension of Hořava gravity in the limit where the Stuckelberg field decouples from the graviton. We verify the alleged strong coupling problem in this limit,


With the goal of giving evidence for the theoretical consistency of the Hořava theory, we perform a Hamiltonian analysis on a classical model suitable for analyzing its effective dynamics at large

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By studying perturbations about the vacuum, we show that Hoyrava gravity suffers from two different strong coupling problems, extending all the way into the deep infra-red. The first of these is

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In Hořava's theory of gravity, Lorentz symmetry is broken in exchange for renormalizability, but the original theory has been argued to be plagued with problems associated with a new scalar mode

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