A dynamic model of process and product innovation

  title={A dynamic model of process and product innovation},
  author={James M. Utterback and William J. Abernathy},
  journal={Omega-international Journal of Management Science},

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Uncovering the nature of the reciprocal relationship between product and process innovation: A study within the food packaging industry.

Process innovation is of critical importance to the firm. These innovations hold the potential to generate enormous wealth for the firm, and their potential to deliver benefits have been clearly

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While there are severe limitations and problems of reliability and validity for the data, some encouraging results have been obtained using a multivariate binary classification technique to test several hypotheses.

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Chemical Process Plant: Innovation and the World Market

  • C. Freeman
  • Economics
    National Institute Economic Review
  • 1968
A new group of firms has emerged since the war in Europe specialising in the design, ‘engineering’, and construction of process plants for the oil and chemical industries. These contractors undertake

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Location of new products, 191. — The maturing product, 196. — The standardized product, 202.

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A simple three-stage analysis of flows to, from, and within the firm was used to facilitate comparisons, and a central problem for further research on innovation will be to devise an operational model to account for interfirm and interindustry differences.