A dynamic ferrofluid platform for micromanipulation

  title={A dynamic ferrofluid platform for micromanipulation},
  author={Woo-Bin Song and Zhenwen Ding and Chulwoo Son and Babak Ziaie},
  journal={2007 IEEE 20th International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)},
In this paper, we report a new and simple method for manipulating free droplets using ferrofluid dynamics. For the movement of free droplets using ferrofluid, a periodic pattern of ferrofluid is generated by using a strip magnet and dynamically modified using a magnetic stirrer. The dependence of droplet movement on the size of droplets and the rotation speed of the magnetic stirrer is studied. In order to improve the mixing efficiency, a discontinuity in the ferrofluid pattern at the mixing… CONTINUE READING


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