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A duna consolidada de Oitavos, a Oeste de Cascais, região de Lisboa : a sua datação pelo método do radiocarbono

  title={A duna consolidada de Oitavos, a Oeste de Cascais, regi{\~a}o de Lisboa : a sua dataç{\~a}o pelo m{\'e}todo do radiocarbono},
  author={A. M. Soares and C. Moniz and Jo{\~a}o Cabral},
Several cemented sand-dunes (aeolianites) oflate Quaternary age are know n along the weste rn Portug uese coast. These aeolianites are located at various topogra phic positions in narrow coas tal strips. The sand-dune of Oitavos is one of these aeol ian sand deposits. It is sited near the coast , to the west ofCascais. Several samples of Helix, not only from the base of the dune ofOitavos, but also from another aeolia nite located 16 km to the north, the dune of Magoito, and from a Neolithic… Expand
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