A draft map of the human proteome

  title={A draft map of the human proteome},
  author={Min-Sik Kim and Sneha M. Pinto and Derese Getnet and Raja Sekhar Nirujogi and Srikanth Srinivas Manda and Raghothama Chaerkady and Anil K Madugundu and Dhanashree S. Kelkar and Ruth Isserlin and Shobhit Jain and Joji Kurian Thomas and Babylakshmi Muthusamy and Pamela Leal-Rojas and Praveen Kumar and Nandini A. Sahasrabuddhe and Lavanya Balakrishnan and Jayshree Advani and Bijesh George and Santosh Renuse and Lakshmi Dhevi N. Selvan and Arun Hanumana Patil and Vishalakshi Nanjappa and Aneesha Radhakrishnan and Samarjeet Prasad and Tejaswini Subbannayya and Rajesh Raju and Manish Kumar and S. Sreenivasamurthy and Arivusudar Marimuthu and Gajanan J. Sathe and Sandip N. Chavan and Keshava K. Datta and Yashwanth Subbannayya and Apeksha Sahu and Soujanya D. Yelamanchi and Savita Jayaram and Pavithra Rajagopalan and Jyoti Sharma and K. Rama Murthy and Nazia Syed and Renu Goel and Aafaque Ahmad Khan and Sartaj Ahmad and G. R. Dey and Keshav Mudgal and Aditi Chatterjee and Tai-Chung Huang and Jun Zhong and Xinyan Wu and Patrick G. Shaw and Donald N Freed and Muhammad Saddiq Zahari and Kanchan Kumar Mukherjee and Subramanian Shankar and Anita Mahadevan and Henry Lam and Christopher J. Mitchell and Susarla Krishna Shankar and Parthasarathy Satishchandra and John T. Schroeder and Ravi Sirdeshmukh and Anirban Maitra and Steven D. Leach and Charles G. Drake and Marc K. Halushka and T. S. Keshava Prasad and Ralph H. Hruban and Candace Kerr and Gary D. Bader and Christine A Iacobuzio-Donahue and Harsha Gowda and Akhilesh Pandey},
The availability of human genome sequence has transformed biomedical research over the past decade. However, an equivalent map for the human proteome with direct measurements of proteins and peptides does not exist yet. Here we present a draft map of the human proteome using high-resolution Fourier-transform mass spectrometry. In-depth proteomic profiling of 30 histologically normal human samples, including 17 adult tissues, 7 fetal tissues and 6 purified primary haematopoietic cells, resulted… CONTINUE READING
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