A double-blind study of flupenthixol ('Fluanxol') in general practice.

  • Ingvar Ovhed
  • Published 1976 in Current medical research and opinion


A double-blind crossover trial was carried out in the general practice to compare the effectiveness of flupenthixol and placebo in 43 patients with mild to moderate anxiety/depression states. Patients received either 0.5 mg flupenthixol or identical placebo tablets 2 to 4-times daily for 2 weeks and were then crossed over to the alternative preparation for a further 2 weeks. A simple 5-point rating scale was used to assess patients' symptoms at first visit and at subsequent follow-up. Even though there was a high placebo response, the results showed flupenthixol to be significantly more effective than placebo in relieving symptoms. Few side-effects were reported and were mild in nature.

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