A distributed MMSE relay strategy for wireless sensor networks


In this paper we propose a multi-sensor relay strategy that achieves path-loss saving and improved power efficiency. In the proposed distributed scheme, the relay sensors do not need to share information about the received signals. An mean-square error design is pursued and the performance is shown to improve as the number of relay sensors (N) increases. Specifically, it is shown that the average power usage per sensor and the total average power drop as O(1/N/sup 2/) and O(1/N), respectively.

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@article{Khajehnouri2005ADM, title={A distributed MMSE relay strategy for wireless sensor networks}, author={Nima Khajehnouri and A. H. Sayed}, journal={IEEE 6th Workshop on Signal Processing Advances in Wireless Communications, 2005.}, year={2005}, pages={796-800} }