A distinct triplex DNA unwinding activity of ChlR1 helicase.

  title={A distinct triplex DNA unwinding activity of ChlR1 helicase.},
  author={Manhong Guo and Kristian Hundseth and Hao Ding and Venkatasubramanian Vidhyasagar and Akira Inoue and C Nguyen and Rula Zain and Jeremy S. Lee and Yuliang Wu},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={290 8},
Mutations in the human ChlR1 (DDX11) gene are associated with a unique genetic disorder known as Warsaw breakage syndrome characterized by cellular defects in genome maintenance. The DNA triplex helix structures that form by Hoogsteen or reverse Hoogsteen hydrogen bonding are examples of alternate DNA structures that can be a source of genomic instability. In this study, we have examined the ability of human ChlR1 helicase to destabilize DNA triplexes. Biochemical studies demonstrated that… CONTINUE READING