A display centric ubiquitous information system - "dokodemo-display"


This paper describes the development of a ubiquitous information system named "dokodemo-display" system. It is a display-centric communication system, which is portable, interactive, and collaborative. The objective of "dokodemo-display" system is to increase the value of a place with helping to form local communities at that place. It provides information services localized to a certain place with a large display such as 32" LCD. The display is integrated with several wireless communication interfaces for users to access the location- and profile-aware services easily with their own wireless devices. The display displays contents with interactive effects reflecting user actions. We have developed a prototype of that system, and deployed at our private shows. This paper also discusses the platform which is the basis of the system. It incorporates peer-to-peer technology and Web services to ease system design, development and configuration. This paper also discusses the problem unsolved to realize ubiquitous information systems.

DOI: 10.1109/SAINTW.2004.1268730

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