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A discoglossid frog from the Middle Jurassic of England

  title={A discoglossid frog from the Middle Jurassic of England},
  author={Susan E. Evans and Andrew R C Milner and Frances Mussett},
A discoglossid frog, Eodiscoglossus oxoniensis sp. nov. is described from the Upper Bathonian Forest Marble of Oxfordshire. It closely resembles Eodiscoglossus santonjae from the Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary of Spain but can be distinguished by characteristics of the ilium and premaxillary. The E. oxoniensis specimens represent the earliest European material critically identifiable as a frog and the earliest discoglossid yet recognised. An association of Eodiscoglossus with Albanerpeton and a… 
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A new lizard‐like reptile (Diapsida: Lepidosauromorpha) from the Middle Jurassic of England
The skull of a new diapsid reptile, Marmorelta oxoniensis, which was common within the fauna is described and it is concluded that Marmoretta was a lepidosauromorph, most probably the sister taxon of Lepidosauria.