A digital video signal post-processor for color image sensors

  title={A digital video signal post-processor for color image sensors},
  author={Lionel J. D'Luna and Kenneth A. Parulski and D.C. Maslyn and Mark A. Hadley and T.J. Kenney and Robert H. Hibbard and R. Michael Guidash and P.P.K. Lee and Constantine N. Anagnostopoulos},
  journal={1989 Proceedings of the IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference},
A description is given of a digital-video-signal postprocessing chip (DSPP) developed for use with one-chip color video image sensors. The chip improves the image quality of reconstructed RGB data by performing black-level adjustment, color correction matrixing, gamma correction, and edge enhancement. It contains 115000 transistors in a 11.5 mm×11.2 mm die area and was designed using a silicon compiler in a 2-μm die area and was designed using a silicon compiler in a 2-μm CMOS process. It can… 

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