A didactic object-oriented, prototype-based visual programming environment

  title={A didactic object-oriented, prototype-based visual programming environment},
  author={Baltasar J. Garc{\'i}a P{\'e}rez and Francisco Ortin},
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A study on eye-tracking-based Interface for VR/AR education platform

This paper proposes UI based on eye tracking that not only reduces the amount of time the user directly manipulates the controller, but also dramatically lowers the time spent on simple operations, while reducing the need for a dedicated controller by allowing multiple types of controllers to be used in combination.

A study on VAL platform for 5G network for large-capacity data transmission

A functional language-based VR/AR specialized language (VAL) and Visual Language were developed, andVR/AR prototypes were easily implemented using these languages on the platform, and a method to use VAL more effectively in a 5G environment is proposed.



Towards a Practical Visual Object-Oriented Programming Environment: Desirable Functionalities and their Implementation

A languagebased editing process has been designed and incorporated into this VOOPE, which contains two key elements: syntax-directed editing facilities and an in-place editing assistant, which facilitate object-oriented program development by providing useful programming guidance and by reducing the number of potential programming errors.

Objects First with Java - A Practical Introduction Using BlueJ (5th Edition)

This text uses BlueJ to get readers started on object-oriented programming from day one and uses a spiral approach that introduces a topic in a simple context early on, then revisits it later to increase understanding.

SELF: The power of simplicity

Because SELF does not distinguish state from behavior, it narrows the gaps between ordinary objects, procedures, and closures, and offers new insights into object-oriented computation.

The Java Programming Language

The Java (TM)Programming Language, Second Edition, is the definitive resource for all serious Java programmers and lets you in on the rationale behind Java's design, direct from the language's creator, as well as the tradeoffs involved in using specific features.

Io: a small programming language

An overview of the Io language and demos of some multi-platform desktop applications written with it are included, well suited for use as both scripting and embedding within larger projects.

Smalltalk-80: The Language and Its Implementation

This book is the first detailed account of the Smalltalk-80 system and is divided into four major parts: an overview of the concepts and syntax of the programming language, a specification of the system's functionality, and an example of the design and implementation of a moderate-size application.

Prototype-based languages: from a new taxonomy to constructive proposals and their validation

A new taxonomy of prototypebased languages is proposed, enhancing the Treaty of Orlando by now discussing issues associated with the different semantics of the identified prototype-based languages and an implementation of most interesting language alternatives in the form of a Smalltalk-80 platform is described.

Alice: a 3-D tool for introductory programming concepts

A new tool is presented that provides a possible approach to actively engage students in increasing their knowledge and skills in these areas of programming, and the tool is Alice, a 3-D interactive animation environment.

JavaScript : the good parts : 「良いパーツ」によるベストプラクティス

This authoritative book scrapes away bad features of JavaScript to reveal a subset of JavaScript that's more reliable, readable, and maintainable than the language as a whole-a subset you can use to create truly extensible and efficient code.