A diallel analysis of nicotine-induced hypothermia

  title={A diallel analysis of nicotine-induced hypothermia},
  author={Michael J. Marks and Lucinda L. Miner and James B. Burch and David W. Fulker and Allan C. Collins},
  journal={Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior},
The hypothermic responses of mice that occur after acute injection of nicotine show genetic influences. The body temperatures of mice of all five strains tested decreased after injection of either 0.75 or 1.5 mg/kg nicotine, but mice of the C3H strain were less affected than were those of the DBA, BALB, or C57BL strains. Mice of the A strain were the most sensitive to nicotine's effects. Genetic effects on nicotine-induced hypothermia were further examined using a five-by-five diallel cross… CONTINUE READING

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