A developmental analysis of generic nouns in Southern Peruvian Quechua.

  title={A developmental analysis of generic nouns in Southern Peruvian Quechua.},
  author={Bruce Mannheim and Susan A Gelman and Carmen Escalante and Margarita Huayhua and Rosal{\'i}a Puma},
  journal={Language learning and development : the official journal of the Society for Language Development},
  volume={7 1},
Generic noun phrases (e.g., "Cats like to drink milk") are a primary means by which adults express generalizations to children, yet they pose a challenging induction puzzle for learners. Although prior research has established that English speakers understand and produce generic noun phrases by preschool age, little is known regarding the cross-cultural generality of generic acquisition. Southern Peruvian Quechua provides a valuable comparison because, unlike English, it is a highly inflected… CONTINUE READING

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