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A detailed spectroscopic study of Tidal Disruption Events

  title={A detailed spectroscopic study of Tidal Disruption Events},
  author={Panos Charalampopoulos and Giorgos Leloudas and Daniele B. Malesani and Thomas Wevers and Iair Arcavi and Matt Nicholl and Miika Pursiainen and Allen Lawrence and J. P. Anderson and Stefano Benetti and Giacomo Cannizzaro and T.-W. Chen and Llu{\'i}s Galbany and Mariusz Gromadzki and C. P. Guti'errez and Cosimo Inserra and Peter G. Jonker and T. Muller-bravo and Francesca Onori and Philip Short and Jesper Sollerman and David R. Young},
Spectroscopically, tidal disruption events (TDEs) are characterized by broad (∼ 104 km s−1) emission lines and show large diversity as well as different line profiles. After carefully and consistently performing a series of data reduction tasks including host galaxy light subtraction, we present here the first detailed, spectroscopic population study of 16 optical/UV TDEs. We study a number of emission lines prominent among TDEs including Hydrogen, Helium and Bowen lines and we quantify their… 


Astrophysics of Gaseous Nebulae and Active Galactic Nuclei
Preface Preface to First Edition General Introduction Photoionization Equilibrium Thermal Equilibrium Calculation of Emitted Spectrum Comparison of Theory with Observations Internal Dynamics of
18) −46.30 (3489.14) −1919.29 (3014.40) −3152.05 (110.61)
20 (1761.06) 14 −636.47 (1003.42) 2192
78 (1260.59) 1137.68 (5997.61)
85) −17.09 (1299.68) 587.71 (416.86) 67 --−3035.32 (1014.56)
  • A detailed spectroscopic study of Tidal Disruption Events