A design for low-flow sheathless electrospray emitters.

  title={A design for low-flow sheathless electrospray emitters.},
  author={David R. Barnidge and Stefan Nilsson and Karin E. Markides},
  journal={Analytical chemistry},
  volume={71 19},
An extremely simple design has been developed for producing durable sheathless electrospray emitters that give highly stable electrospray for unlimited lifetimes. The emitters can be fashioned from any style fused-silica capillary and are ideally suited for generating "all-in-one" microcolumn-emitter systems thus eliminating unwanted void volumes. The emitters give stable electrospray at low (30 nL/min) as well as high (1 mL/min) flow rates without the aid of nebulizing gas. Fabrication of… CONTINUE READING

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