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A description of Paractenopsyllus madagascarensis sp. n. and the female of Paractenopsyllus raxworthyi Duchemin & Ratovonjato, 2004 (Siphonaptera, Leptopsyllidae) from Madagascar with a key to the species of Paractenopsyllus.

  title={A description of Paractenopsyllus madagascarensis sp. n. and the female of Paractenopsyllus raxworthyi Duchemin \& Ratovonjato, 2004 (Siphonaptera, Leptopsyllidae) from Madagascar with a key to the species of Paractenopsyllus.},
  author={M. W. Hastriter and C. Dick},
An alcohol collection of 990 fl eas from Madagascar (2003-2005) was deposited in the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, and recently made available for study. Among the material were two new and undescribed taxa. Th e male and female sex of Paractenopsyllus madagascarensis sp. n. is described and host associations are discussed. In addition, a description of the heretofore unknown female of Paractenopsyllus raxworthyi Duchemin & Ratovonjato, 2004 is provided. Th e tenrec Microgale… Expand

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