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A defence of conservatism : a further text-book for Tories

  title={A defence of conservatism : a further text-book for Tories},
  author={A. Ludovici}
Food toxicology--from forensic to policy tool: an evolution from reactive to proactive action.
  • Marcel Hofman
  • Business, Medicine
  • Arhiv za higijenu rada i toksikologiju
  • 2005
From forensic science food toxicology developed to a policy aid and the task of the food toxicologist more complex. Expand
The English Mistery, the BUF, and the Dilemmas of British Fascism*
  • D. Stone
  • Sociology
  • The Journal of Modern History
  • 2003
Was there a distinctively British form of fascism? The idea that fascism was a continental European import, thoroughly irrelevant to British concerns and unsuited to the British way of life has longExpand
The extremes of englishness: The ‘exceptional’ ideology of Anthony Mario Ludovici
Abstract Scholarly work on the British extreme right has examined many of Anthony Mario Ludovici's colleagues, but has until now paid no attention to Ludovici himself. Yet the many books and articlesExpand
British Conservatism in the Twentieth Century: An Emerging Ideological Tradition
Lord Acton, one of the most formidable intellects of the last century, was a master of transforming seemingly complicated or contradictory principles into concise epigrammatic statements. AttemptingExpand