A dedicated spectrometer for dissolution DNP NMR spectroscopy.

  title={A dedicated spectrometer for dissolution DNP NMR spectroscopy.},
  author={James Leggett and Robert Hunter and Josef Granwehr and Rafal Panek and Angel J Perez-Linde and Anthony J Horsewill and Jonathan McMaster and Graham M. Smith and Walter K{\"o}ckenberger},
  journal={Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP},
  volume={12 22},
Using low temperature dynamic nuclear polarisation (DNP) in conjunction with dissolution makes it possible to generate highly polarised nuclear spin systems for liquid state applications of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. However, in its current implementation, which requires the transfer of the solute between two different magnets, the hyperpolarisation strategy is limited to spin systems with relatively long longitudinal relaxation time constants. Here we describe the design and… CONTINUE READING


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