A decatungstate-based ionic liquid exhibiting a very low dielectric constant suitable for acting as a solvent and a catalyst for the oxidation of organic substrates

  title={A decatungstate-based ionic liquid exhibiting a very low dielectric constant suitable for acting as a solvent and a catalyst for the oxidation of organic substrates},
  author={Yohan Martinetto and Bruce P{\'e}got and Catherine Roch-Marchal and Mohamed Haouas and Betty Cottyn-Boitte and Franck Camerel and Jelena Jefti{\'c} and Denis Morineau and Emmanuel Magnier and S{\'e}bastien Floquet},
  journal={New Journal of Chemistry},
The use of a POM-based ionic liquid both as an efficient solvent and as a catalyst for the oxidation of organic substrates. 

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