A decade of drug treatment court research.

  title={A decade of drug treatment court research.},
  author={Susan Turner and Douglas L. Longshore and Suzanne L. Wenzel and Elizabeth Piper Deschenes and Peter Greenwood and Terry Fain and Adele Harrell and Andrew R. Morral and Faye S. Taxman and Martin Y Iguchi and Judith M. Greene and Duane McBride},
  journal={Substance use & misuse},
  volume={37 12-13},
As drug treatment courts have multiplied over the past decade, so too have research evaluations conducted on their implementation and effectiveness. This article explores the decade of drug treatment court research conducted at RAND, starting with the experimental field evaluation of Maricopa's drug testing and treatment options to the most current 14-site national evaluation of courts funded in 1995-96 by the Drug Court Program Office. The article presents summaries of findings, a brief… CONTINUE READING