A debris disk around the central star of the helix nebula

  title={A debris disk around the central star of the helix nebula},
  author={K. Su and Y. Chu and G. Rieke and P. J. Huggins and R. Gruendl and R. Napiwotzki and T. Rauch and W. Latter and K. V. U. O. Arizona and Uiuc and New York Univ and U. Hertfordshire and Uk and U. Tubingen and Germany. and H. S. Center and G. Obs.},
  journal={The Astrophysical Journal},
  • K. Su, Y. Chu, +14 authors G. Obs.
  • Published 2007
  • Physics
  • The Astrophysical Journal
  • Excess emission from a point-like source coincident with the central star of the Helix Nebula is detected with Spitzer at 8, 24, and 70 µm. At 24 µm, the central source is superposed on an extended diffuse emission region. While the [O IV] 25.89 µm line contributes to the diffuse emission, a 1035 µm spectrum of the central source shows a strong thermal continuum. The excess emission from the star most likely originates from a dust disk with blackbody temperatures of 90–130 K. Assuming a simple… CONTINUE READING
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