A database of local fields

  title={A database of local fields},
  author={John W. Jones and David P. Roberts},
  journal={J. Symb. Comput.},

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We describe an online database of number fields which accompanies this paper. The database centers on complete lists of number fields with prescribed invariants. Our description here focuses on
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In this paper, we present an efficient algorithm for isomorphy of extensions of a p-adic field. Mainly, we deal with extensions of degree p.
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This paper is an extension of the work of Dummit and Voight on modeling the 2-Selmer group of number fields. We extend their model to Sn-number fields of even degree and develop heuristics on the
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In this note, we give a criteria whether given two Eisenstein polynomials over a padic field define the same extension (Proposition 1.6). In particular, we completely identify Eisenstein polynomials
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A family of algorithms for computing the Galois group of a polynomial defined over a p-adic field are presented, apart from the "naive" algorithm, the first general algorithms for this task.
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. We prove new results concerning the additive Galois module structure of certain wildly ramified finite non-abelian extensions of Q . In particular, when K/ Q is a Galois extension with Galois group G


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An algorithm for the computation of generating polynomials for all extensions K/k of a given degree and discriminant for p-adic field k is presented.
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All nonic extensions of Q3 are computed and it is found that there are 795 of them up to isomorphism and the associated Galois group of such a field is described.
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We present six examples of 3-dimensional mod p Galois representations of type A_6 for which we were able to obtain computational evidence for the generalization of Serre's Conjecture proposed by Ash,
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A database of field extensions of the rationals, its properties and the methods used to compute it is reported on, finding that current methods for the realization of groups as Galois groups have limitations if the signature of the resulting Galois extension is also prescribed.
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We generate extensions of Q with Galois group SL3(F2) giving rise to three-dimensional mod 2 Galois representations with sufficiently low level to allow the computational testing of a conjecture of
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Every finite separable field extension F/K carries a canonical inner product, given by trace(xy). This symmetric K-bilinear form is the trace form of F/K.When F is an algebraic number field and K is
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Complete lists of number fields, of given degree n and unramified outside a given finite set S of primes, are both of intrinsic interest and useful in some applications. For degrees n ≤ 5 and S = {∞,