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A data-driven approach for modeling the behavior of stock prices

  title={A data-driven approach for modeling the behavior of stock prices},
  author={Khalid Aram},
In this paper, we describe two approaches to model the behavior of stock prices. The first approach considers the underlying probability distribution of day-to-day price differences. The second approach models the movement of the price as a stochastic birth-death process. We demonstrated the two approaches using historical opening prices of Apple inc. and compared the simulated prices from the two approaches to the actual ones using information theory metrics. 



Incorporating the Markov chain concept into fuzzy stochastic prediction of stock indexes

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The Behavior of Stock-Market Prices

Python Programming Language

  • G. Rossum
  • Computer Science
    USENIX Annual Technical Conference
  • 2007
The design philosophy of python enforces code readability, and Python is aimed at combining remarkable power with a clear syntax.

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