A cross-sectional survey of treatment choices for anogenital warts.


This was a cross-sectional survey that collected data relating to management of anogenital warts (AGW) during a single-patient visit only at genitourinary medicine clinics. Single-agent use of cryotherapy, podophyllotoxin and trichloroacetic acid (TCA) were the most common treatment modalities, accounting for over two-thirds of all modalities used. Podophyllin, alone or in combination with other agents, was used for about 20% of first-line treatments. Podophyllin was included in about 15% of all treatment modalities. Guidelines for the management of AGW continue to recommend the use of podophyllin, but this may need to be modified in the light of recent publications. Podophyllin, TCA, podophyllotoxin or combinations of these agents are commonly used to treat keratinized warts. About 11% of all treatments involved a combination of two or more agents.

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