A cross-sectional study evaluating post-thrombotic syndrome in children.

  title={A cross-sectional study evaluating post-thrombotic syndrome in children.},
  author={Stefan Kuhle and Barbara Koloshuk and Velma Marzinotto and Mary Bauman and Patricia Massicotte and Maureen Andrew and Anthony K. C. Chan and Mohamed Abdolell and Lesley Mitchell},
  journal={Thrombosis research},
  volume={111 4-5},
BACKGROUND Post-thrombotic syndrome (PTS) in adults, characterized by swelling, skin pigmentation, pain, and ulceration of the limb, is secondary to deep vein thrombosis (DVT). In contrast to the extensive documentation on PTS in adults, little is known about the risk of PTS in children. OBJECTIVE To determine the incidence, clinical characteristics, and predictors of PTS in children. METHODS A cross-sectional study in 153 nonselected children with objectively confirmed DVT. All children… CONTINUE READING