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A cross-cultural comparison of colour-emotion associations of Finland, Norway, China and Greece

  title={A cross-cultural comparison of colour-emotion associations of Finland, Norway, China and Greece},
  author={Suvi Vainio},



Managing Images in Different Cultures: A Cross-National Study of Color Meanings and Preferences

Color is an integral part of products, services, packaging, logos, and other collateral and can be an effective means of creating and sustaining brand and corporate images in customers’ minds.

Up or Down? How Culture and Color Affect Judgments

In the Mainland China stock market, an upmarket is represented by the color red, whereas a downmarket is represented by the color green. Elsewhere, including the Chinese Hong Kong stock market, the

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Values and Culture Data Collection, Treatment and Validation Power Distance Uncertainty Avoidance Individualism and Collectivism Masculinity and Femininity Long versus Short-Term Orientation Cultures

Analysis of cross‐cultural color emotion

This study investigates the relationship between color perceptual attributes and color emotions, as well as the influence of different cultural backgrounds. Totally 214 color samples were evaluated

Blue or red? The effects of colour on the emotions of Chinese people

Two experiments were performed to examine the effects of red and blue on the emotional pleasure of Chinese people. Experiment 1 explored the effects of the ‘physical’ colours red and blue on emotion,

Finnish and English children's color use to depict affectively characterized figures

Recent research has shown that children use colors systematically in relation to how they feel about certain colors and the figures that they draw. This study explored cultural differences between

Beyond the Culture. Doubleday: New York

  • 1976

The meaning of colour words in a cross-linguistic perspective

Orange as a perceptual representation of the Dutch nation : effects on perceived national identification and color evaluation

Although it is generally accepted that colors carry meaning, experimental research about individual, situational, and cultural differences in the meaning of colors is scarce. The current research