A critique of the international consensus statement on ADHD.

  title={A critique of the international consensus statement on ADHD.},
  author={Sami Timimi and Joanna Moncrieff and Jon Jureidini and Jonathan Leo and David Jacques Cohen and Charles L. Whitfield and Duncan Double and Jonathan P Bindman and Henry N. Andrews and Eia Asen and Pat Bracken and Barry L Duncan and Michaele Dunlap and Galves Albert and Michael Green and Tom Greening and Janice Hill and Rhodri Huws and Bertram P. Karon and Brian Kean and Michael McCubbin and Begum Miatra and Loren R. Mosher and Sue Parry and S DuBose Ravenel and Dominick J Riccio and Richard W. Shulman and Jeanne M. Stolzer and Phil Thomas and Graham Vimpani and Al Wadsworth and Dave Walker and Norbert A Wetzel and Rupert J E White},
  journal={Clinical child and family psychology review},
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Why did a group of eminent psychiatrists and psychologists produce a consensus statement that seeks to forestall debate on the merits of the widespread diagnosis and drug treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) (Barkley et al., 2002)? If the evidence is already that good then no statement is needed. However, the reality is that claims… CONTINUE READING