A critique of contributions to the alexithymia symposium.

  title={A critique of contributions to the alexithymia symposium.},
  author={Ira M. Lesser},
  journal={Psychotherapy and psychosomatics},
  volume={44 2},
  • Ira M. Lesser
  • Published in
    Psychotherapy and…
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • This paper reviews the contributions of Paulson, Demers-Desrosiers and Freyberger et al. to the symposium on alexithymia. Two of these papers discuss strategies for measurement of alexithymia, using established instruments as well as a recently introduced projective test designed to measure one's ability to symbolize. The third paper discusses a treatment approach which is based upon psychodynamic principles, yet has novel and practical modifications in technique. The papers are discussed as… CONTINUE READING

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