A critical vision of the CLIL approach in secondary education: A study in the Valencian Community in Spain

  title={A critical vision of the CLIL approach in secondary education: A study in the Valencian Community in Spain},
  author={Francisco Guillam{\'o}n-Suesta and Mar{\'i}a Luisa Renau Renau},
  journal={Latin American Journal of Content and Language Integrated Learning},
Content and language integrated learning (CLIL) has emerged in European education as an effective method to enhance and reinforce students’ competence in English and skills while covering traditional content areas. This paper presents a research study into CLIL in secondary education in the area of Castellon in the Valencian Community, Spain. Our first objective of this work involves defining whether some content subjects in some secondary schools of the area are being delivered using English… Expand
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La presente publicacion surge de la necesidad de profundizar en la ensenanza de contenidos y lengua adicional que se identifica bajo el acronimo CLIL en ingles y AICLE en castellano. El volumen seExpand
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It is my privilege to introduce these two special issues of The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine containing selected papers presented at the VlIIth International Symposium on Psychotherapy ofExpand